domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Corexit Oil Dispersant

The obvious physical evidence of the BP oil spill is rapidly disappearing as the massive oil spill caused by patches of oil are burned, skim milk, dissolve or clump. As the physical evidence disappears, it Becomes Easier to begin to put the whole mess BP oil spill in the past.

For some, though, the rapid disappearance of the oil surface is primarily the testimony of the effectiveness of toxic chemical BP Used as a dispersant. These people believe That the dispersant, COREXIT, is a lethal menace That Will continue to poison sea, sand, and living organisms for years to come.

BP used about 1.84 million gallons of COREXIT, with 1.07 million gallons applied to oil spills in surface water and 771,000 gallons far below the surface. Although the EPA approved BP's use of COREXIT, no one knows the long-term effects of the dispersant.
A scientist familiar with the protocols and standards used by EPA to approve COREXIT like oil spill dispersant believes that the "EPA approved" attribute is misleading. He cites EPA standard tests only That Evaluate toxicity fairly immediate rather than long-term effects.

Almost not enough is known about the chemical compounds that make up the league COREXIT with the oil spill of oil and water, and what happens when these compounds are ingested or inhaled by many marine organisms in the Gulf. These are the same organisms that are part of the food chain, including molluscs and fish that eventually end up Americans' dinner plates. With more than 600 miles off the coast of the Gulf Coast visibly "oiled" and the unknown quantities of COREXIT spray that drifted ashore, there is potential for a Significant long-term health crisis for Gulf residents.

This potential threat Was Highlighted recently When Alabama TV station WKRG Brought some water and sand samples from beaches in Alabama to a private lab for testing. oil concentration results ranging from 16 ppm to 221 ppm 5 ppm only WHERE Was expected Were pretty shocking. However, these results were not as shocking as the sample, which exploded before the test could be performed.

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